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Bernard Health announces launch of BernieForms


New product from Nashville-based software and advisory company streamlines health questionnaires, improves health plan options for small employers

Software and benefits advisory company Bernard Health announces the launch BernieForms, a modern, affordable software solution for health questionnaires.

Announced at Weekdays with Bernie – the users conference for the company’s HRIS, BerniePortal, BernieForms further positions Bernard Health as a provider of software solutions for the benefits and HR challenges faced by small businesses.

Required for self-funded benefits plans, the health questionnaire process represents a significant administrative challenge for brokers, employers and employees. These inefficiencies often impede small and mid-sized employers’ ability to implement cost-effective benefit funding strategies.

Seeing the challenges BerniePortal’s broker partners face in distributing, collecting and submitting the health questionnaire forms necessary to best serve their clients, Bernard Health launches BernieForms, a user-friendly, simplified online questionnaire platform that features single sign on functionality with BerniePortal’s HRIS.

BernieForms gives brokers a new tool to stay strategically competitive – a health questionnaire solution that makes it easy to pursue self-funding strategies with clients.

“In many cases, a self-funded benefits plan is a more affordable and sustainable option for small and mid-sized businesses than the traditional fully-insured plan – but the transition can be burdensome,” said Alex Tolbert, Bernard Health founder and CEO. “Providing brokers with a modern software solution to streamline the questionnaire process minimizes this concern, allowing advisors to provide more options and better guidance to the nation’s employers.”New call-to-action

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