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Emily Kubis

Emily writes about benefits, technology, the healthcare industry and more.
Four self-funding questions to ask clients and prospects
By Emily Kubis on August 5, 2019

Does a self-funding strategy make sense? Facing double-digit premium increases despite years of plan design changes and wellness efforts,...

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How brokers can overcome reference-based pricing hurdles and save clients money
By Emily Kubis on July 1, 2019

The new reference-based pricing At BerniePortal users conference Weekdays with Bernie, reference-based pricing expert Lester Morales shared his tips...

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What’s next for Association Health Plans?
By Emily Kubis on June 12, 2019

DOL appeals court ruling After a federal district court struck down the Trump administration’s 2018 Association Health Plan expansion, the Department...

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Private insurance plans pay hospitals 241% more than Medicare
By Emily Kubis on May 22, 2019

What can brokers do to help employers reduce costs? A new studyfrom RAND Health Care reports that private insurance plans pay hospitals 241 percent...

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Three ways to lower group claim costs
By Emily Kubis on May 1, 2019

Audit, avoid, negotiate As healthcare prices continue to rise, most employers would like to have more control over their group health plan and its...

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Bernard Health announces launch of BernieForms
By Emily Kubis on March 28, 2019

New product from Nashville-based software and advisory company streamlines health questionnaires, improves health plan options for small employers ...

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